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About CEI

The Construction Estimating Institute (CEI) is a educational organization dedicated to improving the skills of individuals in the construction industry. CEI has trained over 100,000 construction professionals since it was founded in 1982. 

CEI offers training programs in the following areas: construction courses, corporate training, government programs, continuing education, and contractor licensing.

Our exam preparation courses and continuing education classes are designed for those seeking to obtain or renew their Florida contractors licenses and are offered both online and as live classroom courses.

Why Prepare For Your Exam With CEI?

  • Our programs are all inclusive. There are no add-ons. If something will help you to pass the exam, it's included in your program. Period.
  • All courses include our Head Start folder, designed to get you started and organized with a guaranteed road map to passing. We provide you with a pin point approach to the exam from start to finish.
  • We provide a state-of-the-art learning program with the most up-to-date exam information. Our Comprehensive Online Learning Program is written and developed by licensed contractors that have passed your exam! Our Learning Management System (LMS) uses the most current technology available. It allows us to update your course at any time, so that you always receive the most current exam information. There are no clunky download delays or outdated CDs with our courses.
  • Classroom Courses are available in 3 locations and are taught by actual licensed instructors. We have a team of licensed instructors who are readily available to answer your questions over the phone or in person. We hold all of our “live” classes and have done so for over 25 years. Many schools advertise “live” classes, but are not motivated to actually hold and teach them because they do not employ a readily available instructor team. We teach classes in 3 locations.
  • Team Support. We have a team of people that answer our phones so that student needs are addressed immediately. We work in a modern training facility with multiple classrooms and offices. Students can come in and view our facility and speak with us face to face if necessary. Many online exam schools operate from behind a computer with minimal person to person interaction. These schools prefer to utilize online “chat” or an answering machine and have a minimal live staff. We have a full team of instructors, office staff, and licensing experts ready to help you every step of the way.
  • We provide our students with professionally highlighted and tabbed exam-ready books. Our tabs and highlighting are strategically placed so you can easily locate the correct answers at the exam. Your time is valuable; tabbing and highlighting is very time-consuming and is not a productive study method. We spend hours highlighting and tabbing the books for you, giving you more time to effectively prepare for the exam. Exam-ready books save you time and help you pass the test. 
  • 99% Pass Rate. The State exam is difficult and having the highest student pass rate is a credit to the hard work, discipline and dedication of the thousands of CEI students that have used our exam preparation program to pass their exams. Our programs are written and designed by actual licensed contractors who know exactly what it takes to pass the Florida State-Certified exam. The exam will challenge your construction and business knowledge in a timed, open-book format. You must have good reading aptitude, good referencing skills, and possess basic math and accounting skills. Going into the exam with the correct book editions is critical as well. Our program is designed to show you the best reading and referencing tips to pass the exam and offers step by step construction math and accounting for students to follow. The CEI comprehensive exam preparation program with up-to-date exam information, licensed instructors on staff, exam-ready books, and knowledgeable office staff to assist you is the winning formula to passing your exam.
  • One-Year Guarantee. We know that our students work hard for their money and they expect us to deliver the highest-value, highest-quality Florida contractor exam preparation program in the industry. More contractors enroll with CEI to pass the State exam than with any other organization. All CEI students receive a full one-year of access to their course.