Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Florida contractor exams open book tests?

Yes. A complete book set for referencing questions and answers during the exam is required.



Do you accept all credit cards for registration?




When I enroll for the Pro Pack “live” class is the Power Pack also included?

Yes. Pro Pack students receive access to all power pack online modules. Pro Pack students are encouraged to review the online modules because they help build familiarity with the exam books and topics. These at home reviews will make your in class experience easier and more productive.



Can I attend the Pro Pack classes at any of your 3 locations?

Yes. The class hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm each day, with a one hour mid-day break for lunch. Students are also able to attend at multiple locations if they desire extra in class time with the instructors. 



Is the Power Pack with the books enough to pass my exam?

Yes. It is very comprehensive, covering all areas and components of the exam, and is designed for students who prefer to prepare for their exam at their own pace and on their own schedule. Telephone access to instructors is also included.  



Can I change from my Power Pack to the Pro Pack if I decide later on that I would like to attend the instructor led classes?

Yes. Students that are enrolled in the Power Pack can change to the Pro Pack at any time. Simply call our office with your preferred Pro Pack class location and dates. Power Pack students are only required to pay the slight tuition difference to make this change.  



For what trades are exam-ready books available?

Exam-Ready books are available for the following trade exams: General Contractor, Building Contractor, Residential Contractor, Roofing Contractor, Air Conditioning A Contractor, Air Conditioning B Contractor, Mechanical Contractor, Plumbing Contractor, Commercial Pool Contractor, Residential Pool Contractor, Service Pool Contractor and Underground Utilities Contractor. Books for other trade exams are not highlighted or tabbed.  



Do the exam-ready books for students also include the tabbing and highlighting of the Business & Finance books?

Yes. CEI exam-ready books arrive professionally tabbed and highlighted giving you the added edge and advantage on exam day. All books will be tabbed and highlighted, including those for the business and finance exam. 



If I rent or purchase a book set for a trade other than those noted in the question above, but I register for either the Business & Finance Power Pack or Pro Pack will the books I take to the Business & Finance test be tabbed and highlighted?

Yes. Simply add either the Power Pack or the Pro Pack Business & Finance course option with your book rental or purchase. If you call us to order please inform us that you would like to add the Business & Finance course option.



Can I rent or purchase an exam-ready book set without taking a course?

Yes. If you are only purchasing books (no course), you can add on tabbing and highlighting for an additional fee. You will be given this option during the checkout process. Please note that optional/paid tabbing and highlighting can only be purchased for the trades listed above as "Exam-Ready Book" trades.



Why should I enroll with CEI?

CEI exam preparation programs have the highest first time Florida contractor pass rate. Our all-inclusive programs pinpoint the most current topics and questions from the State exam. CEI employs a team of licensed instructors that have experienced your exam and who write the curriculum.  To learn more, click here.



Can you help me with registering for my State exam?

Yes. Please telephone (800) 423-7058 for CEI customer service and support. The CEI office is open Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.